• D-Link DWA-137 Wireless N High-Gain USB Adapter

D-Link DWA-137 Wireless N High-Gain USB Adapter

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The DWA-137 Wireless N High-Gain USB Adapter connects your computer to a high-speed wireless network, and provides a fast wireless connection with superior reception. Once connected, you can access your network’s high-speed Internet connection and begin browsing the web, streaming videos and music, playing online games, and sharing content with your friends.

Ultimate Performance The DWA-137 provides fast wireless performance for your PC. You can easily add the Wireless N High-Gain USB Adapter and begin browsing the web, sharing files and printers, and chatting online. Enhance your Internet experience with a faster wireless connection and enjoy smooth digital phone calls, gaming, downloading, and video streaming. Enhanced Wireless Range The DWA-137 is designed to provide wireless connectivity in hard-to-reach places. Its highgain antenna provides a boosted signal reception so that you can enjoy wireless coverage over a wider distance than with a regular wireless adapter.

The antenna is also rotatable so you can eliminate dead spots by fine-tuning the positioning to get the best available wireless connectivity. Maximize your wireless performance by connecting it to a Wireless N router and stay connected from virtually anywhere in your home. Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use D-Link’s Setup Wizard provides you with an easy way to set up the Wireless N High-Gain USB Adapter.

The addition of the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) function provides advanced security features that remain simple enough for anybody to configure correctly. There’s no need to manually set up complex encryption codes; simply push a button to authorize your device on the network. The DWA-137 is also backward compatible with 802.11g technology, so you can use it with older equipment too.

3 Years Warranty


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